Card for Arashi Mini-Project
project updates - information page
This project is aimed at creating a moving but simplistic card for Arashi, from the American Arashians. In this card, all of our signatures will be included and the cover of the card will be created by a fan as well. The winning card front will be voted on by all the fans who wish to vote. The goal was to make the entire project as interactive as possible - so that everyone can feel that they contributed to further imforming Arashi of their international fans.
Time To Vote!
June 17th - Voting for the card-front begins today! Please look at the entries below and choose who you want to vote for.
  1. DOUBLE VOTING IS DISABLED. So please vote fairly.
  2. None of the contestants names will be on released (unless they signed it) to prevent favoritsm.
  3. I would like to ask that you do NOT leave rude or hurtful comments. If you do not like an entry, don't vote for it. It's that simple.
  4. I will be moderating the poll closely. If I suspect foul play, it will be reset.
  5. The Entries are in order so Image 1 --> Entry 1 and so on.


If the above links do not show up, I uploaded them to my Vox Library alternatively. Please Click Here to See the Entries.